What to Expect after Liposuction Singapore

As a body sculpting and fat removal technique, liposuction procedure is basically done for cosmetic purposes. Because of this, results are evaluated through patient satisfaction. Aside from the avoidance of health complications and risks, there is no clear basis as to whether results are satisfactory or not. This is where proper communication between doctor and patient proves of utmost importance.

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There are a few signals to look into in terms of normal post-operative results for liposuction.

What Happens During Post-Surgery?

Immediately following your liposuction surgery, there are certain amounts of fluid that are drained from your incisions. This is completely normal. In fact, some doctors recommend a drainage tube underneath the surface of your skin within a couple days following the procedure. This will help prevent the buildup of these fluids.

Meanwhile, you might also be required by your doctor to wear an elastic garment to minimize swelling and enable your skin to fit into its new contours following the procedure. This should be worn on the treated area over a period of few weeks. Doctors would often prescribe antibiotics to their patient as a way to curtail infection. Despite recent   advancements in liposuction techniques, some level of discomfort on the patient's part cannot be totally avoided. There is still a bit of pain, swelling, burning, temporary numbness, or bleeding in the treated area.

Other times, you will feel sore and stiff for a few days after undergoing liposuction. All of these post-operative conditions are often exhibited within a few days or weeks after liposuction, so you should not worry when you suffer from any of these.

More on Recovery Garments

Doctors typically require compression garments to be worn by patients immediately after the liposuction procedure. They serve as support for the treated areas while also reducing the amount of swelling or bruising.

The types of compression garments administered vary immensely: some are snug and tight, while others allow more space. In recent years, less snug garments are produced in the market for post-operative purposes. However, most of these garments are made up materials similar to aerobics suit or leotards wherein it fits all sizes. There is also quite a large variety of garments produced these days to make wearing it more efficient for patients. There are those that are created like underwear so they can be worn underneath other types of clothing. Meanwhile, others are loose-fitting so it
can be worn over your other garments. Wearing of compression garments vary from patient to patient though, since
some find it comfortable while others don't.

Recovery Period

Any type of surgical procedure requires gradual healing. However, most doctors would require you to do some walking to reduce the possibility of swelling. Meanwhile, this will also prevent the formation of blood clots in your leg area. On average, patients can expect to go back to work within just a few days. As for the stitches, they are either removed or disappear for about a week or up to 10 days. However, strenuous activities are highly discouraged within a month following the surgery. This is because your body is still in its healing stage. Bruising and swelling normally appear after 3 weeks, while others take up to six months before they are fully gone.

Your surgeon would often scheduled visits so they can monitor the progress of your condition. Meanwhile, they will also try to assess, depending on your condition, whether there is a need for additional procedures. During your visit, take time to ask your doctor questions if you are suffering from any unusual symptoms such as tremendous pain or excessive bleeding.

Seeing the Results

Due to the presence of bruising or swelling during your recovery period, it is not until you are past this stage wherein you can see noticeable difference in the shape or look of your body as a result of the surgery. However, you can expect these changes to improve and become more pronounced after a period of 4 to 6 weeks. During that time, swelling is completely gone. It is when you reach the 3-month period where you can visibly see the new contours of yourbody.

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